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Transportation Infrastructure Task Force (TITF)

This report is based on a year-long effort by the Transportation Infrastructure Task Force, a diverse group of transportation professionals and private citizens from across the state of South Carolina. It was sanctioned and has been reviewed and approved by the SCDOT Commission. The intent of the report is to be factual, practical, comprehensive and objective. The report intentionally includes a review of all state highway programs, not just those under the purview of SCDOT. This holistic approach provides the basis for a broad understanding and it allows the reader to measure South Carolina's highway programs against other states.

Read the Commission's Full Report (PDF 658 Kb)

It is not the intent of the Commission to recommend any particular solution, but rather to describe the situation and offer alternatives for consideration by the state's leadership. As with any report of this nature, it may be easy for the pundits to pull excerpts from the text which would allow for information to be taken out of context. To avoid the judgments that result from such actions, the reader is encouraged to read the full report.

Statewide Transportation Needs
Through 2033
Cost ($billion)

Bridge Replacement
Highway System Maintenance
Highway System Upgrades
Interstate System Upgrades
Mass Transit
Premium Transit & Passenger Rail

Total Needs
Currently Anticipated Funding

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