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System Performance Management

The System Performance Management unit develops plans of action to address the state's transportation needs for current and anticipated traffic volumes, and associated congestion to assist in the development of a system of highways that meets the challenges of a growing economy and increasing travel demand.

Engineers and planners within the unit primarily focus on statewide project identification and development. Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Advanced Project Planning Reports (APPRs) which outline a project's study area and identifies the potential costs, benefits, impacts and areas of concern to the human and natural environment.
  • Traffic Projections to determine the appropriate scope of improvements.
  • State Regional Transportation Models used to forecast travel demands based on changes in land use, household structures and car ownership.
  • Region based Air Quality Analysis and Evaluation: Assist Environmental Management in developing estimated emission of pollutants from motor vehicles. The monitoring of pollutants is essential for regions that have nonattainment or maintenance of air quality status. Regions are required to ensure that emissions from transportation investments are consistent, or in conformity with, levels set forth in state air quality plans.

Planning Resources

SCDOT's Project Screening Tool (PST) aids in assessing potential projects that are included in the regional Long Range Transportation Plans (LRTP). The PST allows all stakeholders to review, comment, and upload supporting documents related to the development of potential projects and their associated impacts.

The requirement for the Purpose and Need Statement began with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). It is the very important to establish the reason why an agency is proposing a project. The Purpose and Need statement justifies the expected outcome of public expenditure and allows decisions to be defensible.

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