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Road Data Services

The Road Data Services Section of Planning functions as the unit that collects, analyzes, and reports information pertaining to the areas of Inventory/Data Collection (for Road Inventory, HPMS, and Bridge data), as well as, Traffic Counts, Pavement Management, and GIS/Mapping. This information is used by SCDOT as well as outside agencies, the public, and FHWA for the apportionment of SPR funds back to the State of South Carolina. The data from all of these units of Road Data Services is viewed agency-wide in the Integrated Transportation Management System (ITMS).

SCDOT State System 2016 Year End - PDF
Federal Aid and Non-Federal Aid State System Centerline Mileage for 2016 Year End - PDF
Federal Aid and Non-Federal Aid State System Lane Mileage for 2016 Year End - PDF
Federal Aid and Non-Federal Aid State System DVMT for 2016 Year End - PDF
State System Road Miles and DVMT by District, by County for 2016 Year End - PDF
Public Miles by System by County 2016 Year End - PDF

Pavement Management

Pavement Management is a program to increase the performance of an agency's pavements while reducing cost via good management practices.

The SCDOT Pavement Management System is a set of carefully defined processes for the collection, analyzing and reporting of surface distresses experienced by the Interstate, Primary, and Secondary systems within South Carolina. This data is used by decision makers to develop optimum strategies for maintaining pavements in serviceable condition over a given period of time for the least cost.

The SCDOT Pavement Management System is not able to make final decisions, however it is a very important analysis tool for managers to make consistent, cost effective and defensible decisions related to the preservation of a pavement network.

Grading Pavement Condition - PDF


The GIS/Mapping section is responsible for development and management of SCDOT Statewide GIS, production of diverse GIS products and data analysis. The section conducts continuous quality control and synchronization checks of GIS Data with the Roadway Information Management System (RIMS) which is necessary for successful HPMS and Functional Classification reporting. This mapping is tied to the South Carolina road system. All of the above systems are used for the creation and maintenance of the Roadway Information Management System. We work closely with South Carolina counties, MPOs COGS and municipalities to regularly consolidate the line work and attribution of the State's public roads; research and add statewide annexations, boundaries and acquire other supporting data.

The unit's services encompass the creation and maintenance of the following detailed maps: South Carolina State Highway Map, NHS map, County and City maps, Traffic Flow maps, Functional Class maps and a wide range of custom maps. Our maps and GIS data can be accessed through SCDOT's Website. We also maintain a number of maps on ARCGIS Online site and provide GIS support for PST and ITMS applications and deliver lead technical expertise in the designing of GIS and Mapping Applications to support SCDOT internal and external customers.

Hurricane Evacuation


The Systems Section is in charge of maintaining records that delineate and describe additions to the state highway system. This section handles Commission actions to both the Primary and Secondary road system. This unit plays a major role in route designations and redesignations, which involves submittal to AASHTO for all Interstate and US Route designation changes. We also handle the yearly update of the "C" Apportionment Table which is used to allocate funds to all counties based on their rural mileage. We act as the liaison between the Road Data Services Unit and the districts to resolve problems with system roads.

This section also maintains and updates the Dedicated Roads database which contains all roads and bridges named in honor or memory of outstanding individuals by the South Carolina Legislature or SCDOT Commission actions. Each designation is recorded in a database inside of ITMS. The dedication can be viewed either as a report or map, which is also maintained and updated by the Systems section.

C-Apportionment - PDF

Road Inventory/HPMS & Traffic Count

The Road Inventory/HPMS and Traffic Count Sections of Road Data Services are responsible for the collection, analysis and reporting of information pertaining to Road Inventory, Bridge Inventory, Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) and Traffic Counts.

This Unit collects all road, bridge and count attribute data for all Interstate, Primary, Secondary and Non-state maintained systems throughout the state. This data is used inside the SCDOT, as well as, by consultants, other agencies and the FHWA. The FHWA uses this information in the apportionment of SPR funds back to the state.

The Roadway data is available for viewing in ITMS. The attribute data (such as number of lanes, functional classification, median type, median width, etc.) are shown in the Road Inventory Viewer upon selection of a particular County and Route in ITMS. The Log Mile Reports are available in ITMS under the Standard Reports Section.

The Traffic Count Data is available in ITMS. Traffic Count Data is also available on the Internet's Traffic Counts Webpage. This page allows the user to view the Interactive Traffic Count Map for annual average daily traffic (AADT) count information, as well as, the continuous coverage counts in the TPAS site. The TPAS site shows volume by hour.

Traffic Count