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Consolidated Program Delivery

The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) receives funding from multiple resources. The combined revenue stream comprises a complex financial picture. However, SCDOT believes the plan to efficiently utilize those resources is simple. The Transportation Asset Management Plan (TAMP) is the risk and performance based tool to assist the agency in analyzing long-term system performance and to guide investment decisions regardless of the funding source. Utilizing all available funding resources (Federal, State, Act 98, Act 275, State Infrastructure Bank, etc.), SCDOT has implemented a blended funding approach to address performance targets defined in the TAMP.

Provided below are links to information regarding three programs (pavements, bridges, and interstate capacity) that will be targeted with this "all-in" approach over the next 10 years.

PowerPoint presentation of SCDOT Consolidated Program Delivery Plan delivered at the 2016 SCDOT/ACEC-SC Annual Conference.
SCDOT Consolidated Program Delivery Plan (PDF 6.65 Mb)

Maps identifying bridge and interstate capacity projects tentatively scheduled to begin construction from 2017 through 2025.
Tentative Bridge & Interstate Capacity Construction Projects 2017-2025 (PDF 4.08 Mb)

Tentative advertisement schedule for professional services anticipated to deliver the bridge and interstate capacity projects.
Tentative Consultant Advertisements