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Fact Sheet

Study Area: The existing eight-mile segment of I-526 between US 52/Rivers Avenue in North Charleston and US 17/Savannah Highway in West Ashley, including the I-26 & I-526 interchange

Study Initiated By: The South Carolina Department of Transportation Planning Office, with Michael Dennis, PE as Project Manager.

Reason for the study: The I-526 corridor between Rivers Avenue and US 17 currently experiences high traffic volumes with considerable congestion during the weekday AM and PM peak periods. Future traffic volumes are expected to increase considerably with several large developments planned in the area.

Study Team: A comprehensive team of engineering firms led by Stantec Consulting Services, Inc. located in North Charleston. Rick Day, PE is the project manager and can be reached at (843) 740-7700.

Study Tasks:The study team is tasked to identify alternatives to resolve current congestion issues and address future needs in order to maintain I-526 as an efficient and viable transportation link for the future. Feasibility of congestion improvement strategies will be studied through traffic analyses, travel demand modeling, and corridor geometric evaluations. The following four improvement strategies will be considered in the study:

  • Travel Demand Management - Alternatives to either reduce the overall travel in the corridor or spreading the peak travel demand to off-peak periods.
  • Modal Strategies - Investigate opportunities to shift vehicle or truck travel to other modes of travel, such as transit or rail.
  • Traffic Operations Strategies - Relatively low cost improvements to improve the efficiency of traffic flow.
  • Capacity Improvements - Projects that add highway capacity to the network of roads.

Study Outcomes: By the conclusion of this study, alternatives will be identified and evaluated not only for near term, low-cost strategies, but also for more costly future-year additional capacity strategies. Options will be presented as a menu of potential improvement projects based on cost - up to $10 million, over $10 million to $100 million, and greater than $100 million - which can build upon each other and which may include a combination of various improvement alternatives.

Funding of Improvements: Currently, there is no construction funding for any transportation improvements in the study corridor. One result of this study will be the identification of potential project costs to be budgeted for in the future.

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