Inside South Carolina Department of Transportation

Classification & Compensation


In July 1996, the States Classification and Compensation System was reformed resulting in a consolidation of the classification system and an expanded, more flexible, compensation system.

In an effort to address the statewide challenges associated with operating a large, complex State government agency, SCDOT embarked on its own initiative to design a career path program which enhances our capability to recruit and retain a diverse and highly skilled workforce to meet the ever changing needs of the citizens of South Carolina.

To that end, the Departments Strategic Plan mandated a phased approach for establishing specifically defined occupational career paths. The Departments Human Resources Office worked collaboratively with a five (5) member Classification and Compensation Reform Oversight Committee to manage and facilitate the projects progress.

Through the use of the States existing classification structure, the Department identified job tasks and relevant skills and knowledge to design a classification program which incorporates the use of internal levels. The initial development of specific career path proposals was accomplished by the use of numerous subcommittees comprised of "content experts" from across the Department.

The projects scope also included the development of Training Guides and internal minimum training and experience requirements for each class and internal level. The internal minimum training and experience requirements also served as a foundation for the methodology used in calculating the Departments approved internal salary minimums for each class and internal level.

The implementation of career paths allows management to communicate and cultivate a vision of career advancement opportunities to both current and prospective employees in accordance with established Career Path Advancement criteria.

To obtain more information about South Carolinas occupations and related job descriptions, pay bands and State salary ranges, visit the States Occupational Codes Site.


Based on available funding, the Departments Leadership Team annually considers the implementation of pay policies which maximize the flexibility afforded by the States Human Resources Regulations and embrace the philosophy of maintaining internal salary equity.