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The interactive map above highlights our coastal evacuation routes for all of South Carolina. You can refine the map to show a specific region or area by selecting the corresponding icon or by using the drop down menu above. We are also offering access to PDF based maps below.

If you are interested in a particular region of the state and do not want to download the entire evacuation map, we have prepared sectional files which are smaller in file size and are also available in color as well as black and white. These files provide interactive maps with details of the lane reversal beginning and ending points as well as how the traffic will flow through the intersections. Lane reversal on the routes below are optional for evacuation as directed by the Governor and law enforcement officials.

State Maps

State Map - Color (PDF 879 Kb) or B&W (PDF 1.2 Mb)
Detailed Written Directions (PDF 29 Kb)

City Details

Beaufort (PDF 1.3 mb)
Charleston (PDF 400 Kb)
Downtown Charleston (PDF 185 Kb)
Hilton Head (PDF 221 Kb)
Myrtle Beach (PDF 329 Kb)
Sumter (PDF 236 Kb)

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