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Preservation of Abandoned Rail Corridors

The purpose of this category is to preserve abandoned railway corridors for public use, including bicycle and pedestrian use. The acquisition of right of way can be a stand-alone project or can be in conjunction with the construction of a trail/greenway.

Allowable Uses

  • Purchase of abandoned rail corridor, including acquisition costs, title search and appraisals.
  • Development and construction costs of multi-use facility, i.e. surface preparation, paving, signage, lighting, barricades, trail head facilities, architectural/engineering fees.

Unallowable Uses

  • Projects not located within a railway right of way.
  • Preservation of an abandoned rail corridor strictly for future use as an active rail line or highway.

Budget Items for Consideration

  • survey cost
  • appraisal fees
  • legal fees
  • acquisition cost
  • condemnation cost
  • administrative cost
  • environmental documentation

Notes: Contingency amounts more than 10% over a two-year period must be accompanied by a detailed explanation.

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