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2008 Seismic Design Specifications for Highway Bridges Version 2.0

The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) Seismic Design Specifications for Highway Bridges (Specifications) (PDF 3.93 Mb) have been developed to provide the Departments bridge designers with a guide to design criteria, analysis methods and detailing procedures for the preparation of highway bridge plans. These Specifications supersede the seismic design requirements of the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications for seismic design and analysis of South Carolina bridges.

The primary function of the Specifications is to provide minimum requirements for use by bridge designers to achieve public safety in an earthquake that is likely to occur in the State of South Carolina. The implementation of the Specifications is intended to safeguard against major failures and loss of life, to minimize damage, to maintain functions, and/or to provide for expedited repair.

Each bridge presents a unique set of design challenges. The designer must determine the appropriate methods and level of refinement necessary to design and analyze each bridge on a case-by-case basis. The designer must exercise sound engineering judgment in the application of these Specifications. Therefore, these Specifications are not intended to preclude the exercise of individual initiatives in reaction to site-specific conditions or application of current state of the art practices. Any design exceptions to the Specifications shall be reviewed and approved by SCDOT in accordance with SCDOT standard procedures.

The Specifications were developed for SCDOT's use. SCDOT does not warrant the Specifications to be standards required by any other entity for purposes other than for SCDOT.


As the need arises, Bridge Design Memorandums will be issued to supplement or revise the requirements of the Specifications.

Order Information

Copies of the Specifications may be obtained, at a cost of $25.00 per copy, through the Departments Engineering Publications Office at (803) 737-4533 or by emailing us.

Consultant Seismic Information Request Form

Consultant requests for seismic hazard map information for projects shall be submitted to the appropriate Regional Production Group - Geotechnical Design Section. All requests shall be submitted using the Consultant Seismic Information Request - GDF 002 Form (PDF 345 Kb). For questions on completing the form please refer to the Geotechnical Design Manual or contact the appropriate Regional Production Group - Geotechnical Design Section.

Provided below are links to the 2001 Seismic Design Specifications and to seismic research reports that have been used to develop SCDOT's seismic design criteria.

2001 Seismic Design Specifications:

Bridge Seismic Specifications (PDF 1.7 Mb)
2001 Seismic Design Specifications as amended by October 2002 Interim Revisions.

Seismic Research Reports:

Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Mapping for South Carolina (PDF 2.47 Mb)
South Carolina Seismic Hazard Maps Study for Bridges and Highways
Deaggregation Plots (PDF 2.35 Mb)
Deaggregation Plots for 18 cities and towns.
Ground Response Analysis (PDF 8.43 Mb)
Guide for Estimating the Dynamic Properties of South Carolina Soils for Ground Response Analysis

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The Design Memos depict revised design policies and guidelines that apply exclusively to bridge design team leaders and consultants of the South Carolina Department of Transportation.


The documents on these pages make reference to these resources, which are provided by other agencies:
FHWA Seismic Team
CALTRANS Approved List

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