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Erosion Control Specifications

South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) has standard supplemental technical specifications for sediment and erosion control products. These documents may be accessed through the links below.

Related Documents:

Seeding - SC M 810-1108 (PDF 304 Kb)
Sediment Tubes - SC M 815-1 (PDF 98.9 Kb)
Silt Fence System - SC M 815-2 (PDF 129 Kb)
Compost - SC M 815-3 (PDF 64.6 Kb)
Fiber Reinforced Matrix - SC M 815-4 (PDF 74.1 Kb)
Bonded Fiber Matrix - SC M 815-5 (PDF 79.8 Kb)
Stabilized Mulch Matrix - SC M 815-6 (PDF 69.3 Kb)
Hydraulic Mulch - SC M 815-7 (PDF 60.1 Kb)

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