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Preconstruction Advisory Memorandums

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Highway Design Manual Updates (PDF 1.81 Mb) – Effective: 12/17/2008
Policy for Recording Approved Design Exceptions (PDF 14.6 Kb) – Effective: 01/27/2009
Requirements for Hydraulic Design Studies (PDF 24.2 Kb) – Effective: 05/27/2009
Preconstruction Quality Assurance Review Policy (PDF 30.9 Kb) – Effective: 09/09/2009

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Quality Assurance Review Process (PDF 53 Kb)

Exceptions to Hydraulic Design Criteria (PDF 45.8 Kb) – Effective: 12/17/2008
Electronic Media Deliverables for Consultant Projects (PDF 19.3 Kb) – Effective: 12/17/2008

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Road Design Reference Material for Consultant Prepared Plans (PDF 813 Kb)
Road Design Deliverables Checklist (PDF 79.9 Kb)

Right of Way Plats and Monuments (PDF 25 Kb) – Effective: 09/04/2012
SCDOT Subsurface Utility Engineering CADD (PDF 95.3 Kb) – Effective: 12/17/2008

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