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Road Design Plan Preparation Guide

The Plan Preparation Guide is a technical guide for the design of highways and preparation of plans. It is to be used as a supplement to the SCDOT Highway Design Manual, various AASHTO Manuals, and the accepted standard practices of the South Carolina Department of Transportation. It was prepared by Road Design Personnel using previous design material and accepted engineering practices with the approval of the Road Design Engineer.

This Guide is written to provide assistance to the designer by supplementing existing design policies, manuals, and directives recognized by the Department. The Plan Preparation Guide is an effort in providing uniformity, clarity, and accuracy to the plans developed by and for the Department.

Preface (PDF 132 Kb)
Chapter 1 – Plan Covers - Title Sheets Quantity Sheets (PDF 1.3 Mb)
Chapter 2 – Typical Sections - Pavement Design (PDF 753 Kb)
Chapter 3 – Quantity Computations and Information (PDF 725 Kb)
Chapter 4 – Special Drawing - Construction Notes - Miscellaneous Notes (PDF 738 Kb)
Chapter 5 – Existing Topography & Profile - Present Right of Way (PDF 772 Kb)
Chapter 6 – Horizontal Alignment (PDF 540 Kb)
Chapter 7 – Design Channelization (PDF 395 Kb)
Chapter 8 – Vertical Alignment - Profile (PDF 1.04 Mb)
Chapter 9 – Drainage Structures - R. C. Box Culverts - Ditches - Gutters - Curbs (PDF 3.42 Mb)
Chapter 10 – Clear Zone - Guardrail - Crash Cushions - Barriers - Walls (PDF 699 Kb)
Chapter 11 – Cross Sections (PDF 173 Kb)
Chapter 12 – New Right of Way (PDF 759 Kb)
Chapter 13 – Bridge Information (PDF 224 Kb)
Chapter 14 – Railroad Information (PDF 156 Kb)
Chapter 15 – Plan Index (PDF 168 Kb)
Chapter 16 – Miscellaneous Tables - Charts - Formulas (PDF 759 Kb)
Chapter 17 – Sediment/Erosion Control Plans (PDF 225 Kb)
Chapter 18 – Quality Control/Quality Assurance (PDF 865 Kb)
Chapter 19 – Specification (PDF 115 Kb)

SCDOT also publishes Instructional Bulletins which are supplements to this guide. Bulletins are provided for the following years:

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