Doing Business with South Carolina Department of Transportation

SCDOT Electronic File Sharing Policy

It is the intent of the SCDOT to cooperate fully with all those with whom we do business. There are recognized shortcomings when the Department tries to provide electronic files to others in a format that is not native to the Departments operation. In light of the possible incomplete or errant electronic information that may be shared with other business affiliates, the Department will provide electronic information to non-Department entities only in the format the Department used to create the requested data. In the fullest degree of cooperation with the engineering community and the public, electronic vector files of plans, standards, specifications, or any other available electronic information may be provided through shared file sites, Internet and disks. Electronic files should only be provided with hard copies of the same information, unless the recipient has already obtained a hard copy of the information. It is the responsibility of the recipient of the electronic files to verify the electronic files with the hard copy. The hard or paper copy of all information provided shall be the governing document. The disclaimer shown below should be placed in every electronic document file prior to distribution.


These electronic files were created by the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) for the sole purpose of creating a set of plans for project development at the site shown. SCDOT believes that the information contained herein is reliable and generally accurate for the purpose intended. However, since physical conditions may vary and can change over time, SCDOT makes no performance guarantees, express or implied warranties and assumes no obligation or liability for the reliability or accuracy of the information contained herein; or for the accuracy of the information translated by the Departments software for use with end users software. The paper copy of the electronic information provided shall govern over the electronic files stored copy. Only the paper copy of the information may be used to determine errors and omissions in the bid documents. SCDOT assumes no liability for hardware or software damage that may result from the use of the electronic files provided on disk, tape or by electronic transfer due to unknown viruses that may reside on the electronic media when transferred to the end user.

Requesting copies of electronic files may incur costs if research, file manipulation and/or storage media is required. There will be a cost for copies of paper documents. Delivery of electronic and hard copy files and plans to other government entities and public utilities will be at no cost to those groups as long as sharing these files is deemed in the best interest of the Department. Files to be used to generate profit or to complete work for private interests should be charged the established rate.

Electronic information will be provided as employee time and availability permits. When large amounts of time are needed to gather data, a deposit from the requestor may be required.

Original Signed By: Director of Preconstruction - Effective Date: November 3, 2000

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