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Roadway Design Files - Microstation Downloads

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the application of SCDOT's Microstation CADD Workspaces, please contact the Office of CADD Management.

MicroStation V8i Downloads

CADD Engineering & Support Techs
SCDOT CADD Contacts (PDF 93 Kb) 07/2015

SCDOT Level Names (PDF 650 Kb) 01/2012
Geopak Road I Manual (PDF 4.48 Mb) 01/2012
Data Files for Road I Manual (ZIP 2.45 Mb) 01/2012

SCDOT Microstation Workspaces
Complete SCDOT Workspace in a self extracting .exe (ZIP 27.9 Mb) 09/2013
(Includes Road, Bridge and Traffic files for Microstation and GEOPAK Standards)

File Type
DGN Libraries (ZIP 82 Kb) 10/2012
Cell Libraries (ZIP 596 Kb) 10/2015
Color Table (ZIP 633 B) 10/2012
Line Styles (ZIP 13 Kb) 10/2012
Fonts (ZIP 1.7 Mb) 10/2012
Seed Files (ZIP 34 Kb) 10/2012
Border Sheet Reference Files (ZIP 2.7 Mb) 9/2013
VBA Apps (ZIP 432 Kb) 01/2014

GEOPak Road V8i Downloads

File Type
AASHTO K Values (.kvl) (ZIP 342 B) 10/2012
D&C Manager Database (.ddb) (ZIP 78.7 Kb) 10/2012
Geopak Drainage (.dlb) (ZIP 156 Kb) 10/2015
Geopak Labelers (.lsf) (ZIP 30.8 Kb) 01/2012
Plan Sheet (.psl) and XS Sheet (.xssl) Layout (ZIP 6.36 Kb) 01/2012
Superelevation Preferences (.sep) (ZIP 1.7 Kb) 01/2012
Geopak Survey (.smd) (ZIP 16.8 Kb) 10/2012
Geopak Criteria (.zip "multiple formats") (Zip 283 Kb) 10/2012

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