Doing Business with South Carolina Department of Transportation

CADD Design Files

The South Carolina Department of Transportation utilizes MicroStation, Geopak and Iplot for roadway and bridge construction plan production. The following documents contain the standards and procedures consultants are required to use.

Production Versions:

MicroStation V8i (Select Series 3) Version
Geopak V8i (Select Series 2) Version
Iplot (Select Series 4) Version

Training and Testing Version:

Geopak V8i (Select Series 4) Version

SCDOT Roadway CADD Manual (PDF 26.4 Mb) 09/2016
SCDOT CADD Contacts (PDF 119 Kb) 03/2017
SCDOT Electronic File Policy (PDF 92 Kb) 11/2015
SCDOT Geopak Roadway Manual (PDF 4.48 Mb) 05/2008
SCDOT Geopak Class Data Files (ZIP 2.48 Mb) 05/2008
SCDOT SUE Cadd Manual (PDF 2.94 Mb) 07/2012

SCDOT Complete Microstation and Geopak Workspace

Complete SCDOT Workspace in a self extracting .exe (ZIP 21.7 Mb) 09/2016
(Includes Road, Bridge and Traffic files for Microstation and GEOPAK Standards)

SCDOT Design Roadway, Hydraulic, Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE), and Survey Files

MicroStation Files

Cell Libraries (ZIP 1.42 Mb) 10/2016
Color Table (ZIP 1 Kb) 05/2005
DGN Libraries (ZIP 3.03 Mb) 09/2016
Fonts (ZIP 1.64 Mb) 09/2016
Line Styles (ZIP 12.1 Kb) 08/2015
Reference Sheets (ZIP 2.87 Mb) 10/2016
Seed Files (ZIP 33.6 Mb) 01/2015
SUE Files (ZIP 5.67 Kb) 04/2014
VBA Apps (ZIP 1.07 Mb) 10/2016

Geopak Files

Geopak Criteria Files (ZIP 278 Kb) 09/2016
Geopak D&C Manager (ddb) (ZIP 76.6 Kb) 09/2016
Geopak Survey (smd) (ZIP 21.8 Kb) 09/2016
Geopak Drainage (dlb) (ZIP 59.8 Kb) 10/2015
Geopak Labelers (lsf) (ZIP 53.8 Kb) 09/2016
AASHTO K Values (Profiles) (ZIP 1 Kb) 06/2003
Superelevation Preferences (sep) (ZIP 1.70 Kb) 06/2007
Plan Sheet (psl) & XS Sheet (xsl) Layout (ZIP 9.97 Kb) 11/2015

SCDOT Design Excel Files for Plan Production

Excel Files for Plan Production Instructions (PDF 1.89 Mb) 11/2015
Erosion Control Data Sheet (xlsx 285 Kb) 11/2015
General Construction Notes (xlsx 195 Kb) 03/2017
Moving Items/Removal & Disposal/New Fences (xlsx 115 Kb) 11/2015
Quantity Sheet (xlsx 128 Kb) 09/2016
Quantity Dual County Sheet (xlsx 325 Kb) 09/2016
Quantity Construction Sheet (xlsx 101 Kb) 11/2015
Right of Way Data Sheet (xlsm 1.61 Mb) 11/2015
Survey Control Data Sheet Instructions (pdf 2.88 Mb) 03/2017
Survey Project Report Spreadsheet (xlsm 700 Kb) 03/2017
Sample Survey Data Sheet Files (zip 879 Kb) 03/2017

Engineering Discipline Workspace Links:

Bridge Design Workspace
Traffic Engineering Workspace

To view PDF files, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader