Inside South Carolina Department of Transportation

Road and Highway Reconstruction

Reconstruction is the replacement of the entire existing pavement structure by the placement of the equivalent or increased pavement structure. Reconstruction usually requires the complete removal and replacement of the existing pavement structure. Reconstruction may utilize either new or recycled materials incorporated into the materials used for the reconstruction of the complete pavement section. Reconstruction is appropriate when a pavement has structurally failed and can no longer support the traffic demand. Reconstruction increases the structural capacity of the pavement to a level that is required for long term performance.

At approximately $188,000 per lane mile, reconstruction techniques are the most expensive option for pavement repair. Unfortunately, many roads in South Carolina have deteriorated to the point that there is no other option available.

The goal of this three prong approach (preservation, rehabilitation, and reconstruction) is to address the vast majority of roads before they deteriorate to the point that a reconstruction technique is required.