Advertisement and Award of Construction Contracts - Upon approval of the PS&E package, and approval of the encroachment permit, SCDOT will submit a request to FHWA for obligation of funds and approval of construction authorization. Upon receipt of FHWA approval, the LPAA shall notify the LPA that they may proceed with the advertisement of the construction contract.

The advertisement and bid evaluation must be conducted according to the procurement procedures submitted in the LPA Qualifications Evaluation Form as approved by the LPAA. The LPAA will copy the DEA and the PPM with this notification.

The LPA shall review the bid proposals for responsiveness to the proposal requirements, competitiveness, and for reasonable comparison to the engineering estimate. The LPA is to document this review taking into consideration the evaluation factors outlined in FHWA's Bid Evaluation Guidelines.

If the LPA's bid review determines that all bids should be rejected, the LPA is to submit a request to SCDOT for concurrence in the rejection of all bids. SCDOT shall review and approve any revisions, if necessary, to the PS&E prior to authorizing re-advertisement.

When the LPA's bid review identifies a reasonable and responsive bidder (or bidders), the LPA shall submit to the LPAA a request to concur in the award of the project to the lowest responsive bidder according to the LPA Concurrence Request Form. Upon review and written concurrence from LPAA, the LPA shall provide a formal Award Letter (sample).

Failure to receive this written concurrence prior to award will be sufficient cause to terminate the participation agreement.

LPA Procedures - Section B.6.