Plan Development - The Local Public Agency will be responsible for preparing all necessary plan drawings, special provisions, utility coordination or documents needed to execute and deliver the project as outlined in the Participation Agreement. The Local Public Agency may utilize the services of a project consultant to perform any of the necessary services as previously stated.

Failure to receive this written concurrence will be sufficient cause to terminate the Participation Agreement.

Plans developed under LPA agreements shall be submitted to the LPAA at a frequency commensurate with the complexity of the project or at a stage or frequency indicated in the PA.

Failure to submit plans or address comments resulting from review prior to proceeding with the next phase of design will be sufficient cause to terminate the Participation Agreement.

The LPA must receive approval from SCDOT for any design exceptions on state owned facilities prior to incorporating into the project. Requests for design exceptions must be submitted to the LPAA for review coordination and approval.

The LPA may request consultant selection concurrence by submitting the LPA Consultant Concurrence Request Form found at link below along with the supporting documentation.

LPA Procedures - Section B.1.