Dear Interested Freight Transportation Stakeholder,

As the Deputy Secretary for Intermodal and Freight Programs for the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT), I would like to personally thank you, in advance, for your participation in the update for the 2040 South Carolina Multimodal Transportation Plan. SCDOT, in partnership with the South Carolina Department of Commerce and South Carolina Ports Authority, and with the direct involvement of the state's Transportation, Distribution and Logistics Council, has committed to a comprehensive approach to identify and develop a blueprint to address all elements of our state's transportation strategies. As part of this approach, we are including a significant effort to develop a Statewide Freight Plan. To ensure success in this effort we need your help to:

  • Understand how you use the available freight transportation system;
  • Gain an accurate understanding of supply chain practices within the state;
  • Hear your views on how to improve the freight transportation system; and
  • Review information we have previously collected on freight movement within the state.

Without your involvement, the 2040 Plan may not fully address the necessary areas to support future economic growth, through the enhancement of an effective and efficient freight transportation system.

As part of a continuing effort to include you in the planning process, we request your contribution in the completion of a short online survey. The survey results are being collected anonymously, to safeguard your responses. Through a variety of multiple and short answer questions, you will be assisting in the development of the Statewide Freight Plan itself.

You may either click on the link provided or copy and paste into your favorite browser.

Should you require additional assistance with completing the survey, please email Renee Downing,

Thank you again for your interest and continued support of the South Carolina Multimodal Transportation Plan, with emphasis on development of a Statewide Freight Plan. Together, we will advance our state's ability to meet the needs of the freight community well into the future.

Doug Frate
Deputy Secretary for Intermodal and Freight Programs

Quotes from our stakeholders

"This will be a new and integrated plan for transportation in South Carolina with an emphasis on commerce and safety. The plan will help us manage the transportation system we have and help us decide how to spend scarce resources to improve the system."

Secretary Bobby Hitt - South Carolina Department of Commerce

"Ship sizes are increasing, and increasing exports are helping to create a balance with imports at the port. While these trends are good for South Carolina, they put pressure on the transportation infrastructure, and this study will help us address that pressure."

Jack Ellenberg - Vice President, South Carolina State Ports Authority

"This is the first time I have seen this level of cooperation at the state agency level. FHWA looks forward to working with you in this partnership to document the performance of the transportation system, to focus on freight efficiency, and to take advantage of the funding flexibility contained in recent federal programs."

Bob Lee - South Carolina Division Administrator, Federal Highway Administration